Mobile Legends M5 World Championship Teams!

Mobile Legends M5 World Championship Teams!

The Mobile Legends M5 World Championship is here! Bigger and better than ever! Let’s examine the exciting teams preparing for this important e-sports event.

Mobile Legends M5: Philippines is a powerhouse.

Beware Bren Chong, who set it up. This Mobile Legends crew is experienced. M2 World Championship and MPL Philippines Season 12 champions.

Mobile Legends M5: Southeast Asia dominates Blacklist International

Blacklist International, owned by Tier One Entertainment, hopes to succeed again after winning the M3 World Championship. Their e-sports company is developing with Dota 2 and WildRift.

Mobile Legends M5: Myanmar’s Pride: Ghouls

Burmese Ghouls returned following the 2021 coup, although it has issues. They were a fierce rival and won four of five MPL Myanmar seasons. They finished second at M2 World Championship.

Bigetron Sons: Latin America’s Hope

Bigetron Sons reached Brazil via Liga Latam 2023. They’ll move in the M5 World Championship because they’re in many mobile games.

Deus Vult: Russian Rising Stars

Russian squad Deus Vult wasn’t signed till they won MLBB Continental Championships. As four-time M World Champions, they are a team to watch.

Europe Joins Fire Flux Esports

Turkish team Fire Flux Esports qualified through MTC Turkiye Championship. They have VALORANT and PUBG: Mobile teams but are new to Mobile Legends.

Geek Family ID: Indonesia’s New Star

Geek Fam ID, founded in 2019, finished second in MPL Indonesia Season 12. They want to play more games in the M5 World Championship to become famous.

Mobile Legends M5: Malaysian Wonders by HomeBois

Malaysian e-sports team HomeBois has been popular since 2020. Winners of MPL Malaysia Season 12 qualified. They are an underdog narrative set to shine globally.

Southeast Asia’s biggest e-sports moniker is ONIC.

ONIC Esports is a Mobile Legends powerhouse despite not winning a World Championship. They won the MPL Indonesia and MLBB Southeast Asia Cup, and now they aim to prove themselves globally.

Akira: Brazilian Excellence

RRQ Akira’s big in Brazil. Southeast Asian giant Rex Regum Qeon includes her. In the M5 World Championship, they want a fourth straight MPL Brazil title.

Coming Soon: Cambodia’s Fight

Since 2020, See You Soon has represented Cambodia. They’re ready because they’ve attended the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup and M3 World Championship.

Team Flash: Southeast Asia’s Best

Team Flash, a multi-title e-sports team, won MPL Singapore Season 6. They have several gaming interests and are enthusiastic to compete at the M5 World Championship.

Mobile Legends M5: Triple Esports: Saudi Arabian Newcomer

Triple Esports won MPL MENA on their 2023 debut. They revitalise the M5 World Championship despite being new.

The Ohio Brothers—North American Power

TheOhioBrothers, an unknown North American team, won NACT Fall 2023. After Outplay, they’re ready to shine globally.

Mobile Legends M5: Team SMG: Asia’s Best

Team SMG is an Asian e-sports powerhouse. It was founded by Chinese pop vocalist Lin Junjie. After mastering PUBG Mobile and VALORANT, they want another Mobile Legends game.

Team Lilgun joins Mongolia.

Team Lilgun joined Mobile Legends in 2023 from 2021. This rising star wants to prove themselves in the M5 World Championship after advancing from the Wildcard Stage.

In the AGENGACOR Mobile Legends M5 World Championship, these teams have diverse backgrounds and stories. Expect intense clashes as they compete for glory and the M5 Trophy!