Major League of Legends: Rekkles joins the T1 Academy

Major League of Legends: Rekkles joins the T1 Academy

T1, a major League of Legends (LoL) team from South Korea, recently shocked gamers by confirming that Carl Martin Erik “Rekkles” Larsson would be joining its Academy team. The deal was finalized on December 11, and it added a legendary player from Europe to the Academy team of the current world champs.

Major League of Legends: After a rough time in Europe, a surprise move

Fans were waiting for the news because Rekkles had given hints on social media that he might sign with a team. There was a lot of surprise because of Rekkles’ long and successful career and the awards he had won in the European League of Legends Championship (LEC). In the past few years, the “King of the North” had problems with teams like G2 Esports and Fnatic. 2023 was one of the worst years of his career.

Major League of Legends: Rekkles’s Hard Road and a New Start

After having some bad luck in the LEC, Rekkles moved to France. He play bot laner for Karmine Corp in the Ligue Francaise de League of Legends (LFL). Even though Rekkles returned to Fnatic in 2023, the team was having trouble, and he wasn’t on the starting squad in the summer, so he missed Worlds 2023.

In a post from November, Rekkles said he was ready to leave the problems of 2023 behind and start a new trip. He decided to start over, telling himself, “I’ve been down for too long; it’s time to get back up.”

Major League of Legends: Rekkles Changes Part to Help

It’s not just a change of teams for the 27-year-old player; he’s also taking on a different job. Rekkles, who is known for being great as a bot laner, said he wanted to play Support. This change was clear in a welcome video by T1 where Rekkles talked about his choice to try out a new role.

Rekkles promised to “fight for this chance” and be a useful teammate, even though he would have to deal with new teammates, the South Korean language and culture, and a different playing position.

A Rare Transfer to an Academy Team

It is rare for a LoL pro like Rekkles to join an Academy team, especially one from a different area. It’s done before by Henrik “Froggen” Hansen. Also Nam “LirA” Tae-yoo, but Rekkles is the first famous pro to do it across areas.

The story of players moving between regions is make more interesting by T1’s acquisition of Rekkles for their 2024 squad. As the off-season begins, fans can’t wait to see how this change will affect the competition.

What Fans and Players Say

Fans and players all over the world interested and supporting the news. People in Europe are watching the LCK’s school series to follow Rekkles’ journey. Some fans from the West have promised to watch LCK Academy games this season.

Fans in South Korea, including well-known YouTubers, praise Rekkles. And call him a “undisputed legend” who is starting over with T1’s Academy team. Fans excited to see how the experienced European player will fit in. With the World Champions’ Academy team after the surprise move.

In the end, everyone in the League of Legends community and SLOT SERVER THAILAND can’t wait for this new chapter to start. They’re all wondering if Rekkles’ journey with T1 Academy will lead to his return to the international scene.