Interview with “La Gazzetta dello Sport”: “I think I’m in a position where I can inspire people”. (31.07.2021)

About cleaning the grandstands at Silverstone:

 “It’s just that, I think I’m in a position where I can inspire people. Even if I could do it with just one person it would be enough. It wasn’t a specific campaign, I did it for myself, and at the same time to give a message”.

About what?

“F1 has this ability to promote the right messages. I am not saying that it should educate, because it would mean that it has the truth in its pocket. But it certainly must promote that we should all do our small part to solve even huge problems such as pollution, climate change. We must realize that there is no way back. F1 can’t just be about fast cars and the best technologies, it doesn’t just have to talk, it has to act fast”.

Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction to your absence from social media?

“Well, never say never. Social media is a great way to reach a lot of people. But it depends on what you want to achieve: if you want to show what socks you are wearing or if you want something more. If I have an important message I don’t think I need my own platform, the message passes anyway. I’m interested in acting”.

At Silverstone there was a Sprint Race…

“I don’t have a defined position. The idea of ​​having another race is weird. But we need to be cautious, we must not take away attention from the main race. And then it depends, of course: if you gain some positions it’s good, if you lose it is less good. And the bad thing is that if you spin, as happened to Perez, your weekend is over ”.

How do you rate the season so far?

“It’s a mix. We had a difficult start, then things went a bit more in the right direction, maybe we should have achieved some better results, but I think the regulation changes have affected us more than other teams. We will have to take advantage of opportunities to score points and fight for fifth place in the constructors ”.

Your direction is oriented mostly towards the future…

“I don’t know when the results will arrive. 2022, with the regulations change, will be a great opportunity for us. But I expect that the big teams will continue to play an important role”.

How difficult it is for someone who won four World Championship titles to have a 5th place in the constructors standings as a goal?

“If I had had the chance to choose, I would still be up against the leaders. But now I’m here. Last year the team had a great season, this year less, but we are here and we move forward ”.

Beyond 2022, which path should F1 take in terms of regulations and engines?

“F1 has to figure out what it needs to do in order to have the best possible impact in terms of passing on the message. I think mobility will not be just electric. I am not an expert, but I believe that synthetic fuels will play an important role, as well as perhaps hydrogen. And so I think F1 has great potential in terms of experimentation”.


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  1. Seb has set a new standard. Personally I believe his actions were unique and welcome – in events such as Silverstone the mess and litter left by fans is a real downside. Of course, Hamiltons ‘Black Lives Matter” program is valuable and right – I wonder however in the context of a GP whether there are any tangible benefits to those affected by abuse etc. There are of course more important media outputs required with tangible outcomes – Global Warming – an issue that limited numbers actually understand and relate to a real danger to All. Seb could prove to be a driver of interest and accomplishment – in working with sectors of industry where tangible measures are needed on a large scale.


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