Sebastian Vettel constructs a “Bee Hotel” with children in Austria.

Earlier this year, we got to know that Sebastian became an ambassador of “Bio Bienen Apfel” – a project aiming to create a safe habitat for bees. During the project’s presentation Sebastian revealed that he has also created a big flower garden at his own house, in order to help the bees flourish. However, as someone who really cares about the environment and sustainability, Seb wanted to raise more awareness about the topic.

So, Sebastian had the idea of starting a creative hands-on competition together with the Styrian elementary schools in order to bring the children closer to the topic of the species protection. The project was about building a hotel for bees!

Once the winning design had been chosen, Seb went about building it with local children on Thursday before returning to the Red Bull Ring with several packets of flower seeds for bee-friendly plants, which he then distributed to media.

“This morning was very exciting because I was out close to the track on a field and we installed a racing car – but a very unconventional racing car because it is a hotel for insects and bees,” said Seb on Thursday.

“I had a group of kids with me to build up the racing car. The idea behind it is to build up a little more space for insects, and in particular bees, to have more space where they can flourish and live. Hopefully there will be a lots of flowers growing in the future and a lot of bees coming to their new home – it will be free of charge!”

You can watch the video of Seb building the bee hotel on his official website.


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