Sebastian Vettel | BioBienenApfel

Keeping up with his sustainable mindset, Sebastian joined the Bio Bienen Apfel (a project aiming to raise awareness about creating a habitat for bees) event in Austria, on Wednesday, as one of its brand ambassadors.

We transcribe below everything that has been said by Sebastian at the event:

Q: The bees only recognize colors up to 5km/h when they fly. How is it with you, at which speed you can’t recognize any colors or objects?

SV: “I actually don’t know, I can see colors, even over 5km/h (laughs). We have different maximum speed at each circuit but we don’t really look at that, I mean we have a digital tachograph, but we don’t really look at it, we just try to go faster than everybody else, but it matters more in the corners. I think the colors or perception plays a big role and the best is that the more you see, the better you feel and then I think you are a bit faster”.

Q: So, you are an expert in all bio/sustainable matters!

SV: “I wouldn’t call me an expert!

Q: Is it true that you did an internship in a bio farm?

SV: “Yeah, that was during the first lockdown last year. I had a bit more time than I planned, so I thought about what I could do and what interests me. I’m interested in agriculture because as a sportsman, I’m interested in what I have to eat to be fit, what I can do to eat healthier and squeeze more out of my body. So you start questioning, like not every vegetable is the same, not every apple has the same nutrients and then you ask why it’s like this and then you get to know where the apple comes from and how it’s planted and that’s how the doors opened for me. I took the chance last year to be involved and it was very interesting for me to get to know the practical part. The theory interests me, I read a lot about it, but I want to do something from the practical point of view and talk to people who have to work with it on a daily basis. It was very interesting”.

Q: I think you could keep talking about that for hours, right?

SV: “Yeah I could, but it was very interesting and also today is about questioning your own acting and asking yourself what you can do to be more sustainable. And everybody has their own way into it so, I like how we are talking about this today and showing what everyone can do with little things and it doesn’t need to always be a big project for everyone, but it’s more about a society project in which everybody can contribute something”.

Q: In the future, when you will no longer be in F1, can you imagine yourself doing something like bio farming?

SV: “Well, that’s still quite a bit far away, but, last year I decided to create a big heart made by flowers with my two girls at home, and I wanted to make a really big one, not a small one. At the beginning the girls were all in it and helping but at the end I had to do it all on my own, which was a lot of work, but I’m excited for this year that it will hopefully grow even bigger!

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