Sebastian completes final day of pre-season testing.

Another reliability issue hit Sebastian on the final day of pre-season testing, but Seb was still optimistic about his testing gains for Aston Martin. Seb completed a total of 56 laps (303 km), with a best time of 1:35.041.

Here’s what he said:

“We got plenty of laps on the board today, despite an early finish [caused by a loss of boost pressure]. Lance did a good amount of laps this morning too, so there’s a lot of data for us to work with. My running today was very useful and the track conditions were better, so that was a big help in understanding this car. This test has definitely helped me learn where I can improve as a driver with the car and where the team can improve the AMR21 too. It’s been a good learning curve and I’m excited to keep progressing with the car. I’m looking forward to racing here in Bahrain in two weeks.”

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  1. So pleased that most of the practice period proved valuable – one can always do with more I expect. However, I look forward very much to hoped for surge of advancement in the new car – giving Seb the sort of performance he is used to enjoying prior to his Ferrari days. “Heads down” and go for it, steady and determined to present a real challenge with his team mate. Best wishes in Bahrain – and beyond!


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