Summary of Sebastian’s first day of testing of 2021.

The wait is finally over! Sebastian hit the track with the AMR21 this morning at the Bahrain International Circuit. Sebastian drove in the morning, having completed 51 laps (276 kms), with a best time of 1:33.742 , which placed him on P13.

Sebastian explained that there’s is still a lot of new things which he has to get used to, but he overall had a lot of fun being back in the car today!

A few words from the man himself:

“It was a very productive morning and really the first opportunity we’ve had to truly put the AMR21 through its paces. As I expected, there are a lot of new things to learn. I’m working with a different power unit compared to the past, which means there are lots of new procedures involved. Then there’s a new steering wheel with all its buttons, and different braking too – so I’m very aware that there is a lot to learn. The important thing is that I know where we can improve. It was tricky on track because it was so windy out there; you could see that everyone was fighting for grip. Today wasn’t about lap times, it was about finding a good balance in the car and getting a true read on it while collecting lots of important data, which we managed by running 51 laps in the morning session. I am looking forward to going over the data tonight and continuing to make progress with the car. I think we can say it was a good first day for the AMR21.”

Seb will be behind the wheel of the AMR21 again tomorrow morning and on Sunday afternoon.

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