Belgian GP · F1 2020

Spa – Previews: My aim is to enjoy my last few races with the team.


Ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, Sebastian talks about his feelings coming into the race & about the trust he has in his team.

“We all love this track, but all of us, as we came through the gate, thought about Anthoine. He was much loved and very promising. I think we all still recall the dark atmosphere on that Saturday night. My first impulse, on the wave of emotion was not to race, to not even want to get in the car. Naturally, after a while the emotion gives way to logic and when you put the visor down you automatically leave those thoughts outside the helmet and out of your mind. We are still very sad about what happened and we feel for his family. Unfortunately, while motorsport can let you experience some amazing feelings, it can also be terrible when things like this occur.

“I have confidence in the work the team is doing and I think it is vitally important, especially this season, not to make any mistakes. My aim is to enjoy my last few races with the team and to have no regrets when the year ends. I have faith in the mechanics and engineers. And I’m sure the team feels the same about me, so everything is in place for us to do our best together. Among the many things that will change during the course of a year, I think it’s the people I will miss most.” 


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