F1 2020 · F170

F170 – Media Day: The most important is that I’m happy with my choice.


Sebastian discussed various topics at today’s media sessions, which, of course included, questions about his future.

Otmar Szafnauer & Aston Martin: It’s correct. We were heading to a fuel station. After the fuel station, he continued home and I was going somewhere else. He has a nice car – a Ferrari Pista, and I remember years ago he was talking about that car and he obviously got one and he said that it was running out of fuel, so I said, ‘Where are you going?’ and we were heading in the same direction, so I was going with him to the fuel station and then went somewhere else. I find it a bit awkward nowadays that people make a fuss out of everything and actually I don’t… see the news in that.” 

Singatures?: “Well I signed something, I’m not sure – he told me it was a waiver in case he crashed. That was a joke – just making sure because nowadays people get everything a bit wrong. From my side, there’s no news, nothing to announce. I’ve known Otmar for a long time and I’ve been in his car before but nobody was interested… If you speak to the people that you know, that’s not uncommon.”

Future: “I’ve got lots of possibilities, maybe not so many in Formula 1, as you can do the maths and see what seats are taken. But I think as I’ve always mentioned, the most important is that I’m happy with my choice. Time will tell what the choice is and then go from there. So I’m not too stressed about it.”

Love for the sport: “My dad was a big race fan and from when I was a small child I loved cars. So it was normal that I would become a Formula 1 fan. Then, when I began to race karts and to get results, I realised this was a dream that could come true. Now I’d say this sport is pure adrenaline, but it’s also an important part of my life. That’s why, at least now, I find it hard to consider other categories in my future. If I’m not in Formula 1 then I see myself more on the sofa or playing ping-pong at home as more appropriate, rather than racing different types of cars.”

The race: “I don’t think we can expect a completely different race to last week’s. But when you are fighting in the mid-field even small improvements can change the outcome of the Grand Prix.”


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