Austrian GP · F1 2020 · Styrian GP

Vettel: Today the car felt a lot better than last week.

GP STYRIA F1/2020 -  VENERDÌ 10/07/2020

FP1: P10, 1:05.770 (+ 0.903), 25 laps

FP2: P16, 1:05.613 (+ 1.953), 40 laps

Sebastian Vettel: “Today the car felt a lot better than last week. Right from the start, it was a different car and I was just able to get on with it. Now I hope it stays like this. If you look at the time sheet, I got my best lap deleted so obviously it wasn’t a great day for lap times, but there will be rain tomorrow, so we are just preparing in case quali is on Sunday. For us, the main thing was testing the upgrades that we brought. We put them on the car step by step and they seemed to work well. We still need to have a look and find the best window where the car is happiest. We tried quite a few things on the brakes and I still need to find the rhythm. Apart from that, we did our usual Friday homework. Let’s see how wet it’s going to be tomorrow, it might mix things up.”

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