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Sebastian Vettel on Servus TV (06/07/2020)

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Last night (July 6th), Sebastian was on Sport und Talk on Servus TV, talking about how he spent time in lock-down, the “divorce” with Ferrari, his plans for the future and even more. Here’s everything you need to know about what he said:

How he spent the day after Sunday’s race:Since I spend the time between the races here, I took advantage of the sunshine. I was on the mountain and cleared my head. It was good to be out in the fresh air today. Nobody was on the mountain, I was alone and had time for myself. That feels good in this situation”. 

About Sunday’s race: “The speed was simply missing. We are still looking. There are maybe two or three things that were not quite ideal. The car was unrecognizable to the feeling I had on Friday. So all in all, it wasn’t a good day for me”.

About the incident with Carlos Sainz & the result: “It wasn’t supposed to be an attack. I just wanted to be as close as possible. The two of them were fighting a bit. I didn’t expect Carlos to move in at the last minute. It’s my fault, I didn’t want to touch him and then I dropped the anchor and locked the rear wheels. For not having a handbrake, I think I did a good job. But of course it was not intentional to turn the car around. I was very annoyed about it. In retrospect, I can describe the situation as I saw it from the cockpit. But still, it must not happen. This is an absolute no-go. Without that I would have had much better chances. I still had a new set of soft tyres because I didn’t make it into Q3 on Saturday. In the end, it would have allowed me to do quite a bit, even though I was lacking speed. But still the advantage of the tyres alone could have made up ground in the end. That’s why I was very annoyed”. 

About Leclerc’s podium: “In the first step you have to acknowledge that. He drove a good race. I am the first to recognise the performance of others. The car is not as strong this year as we had hoped. Let’s see how long the season is left. We are certainly not where we wanted to be, clearly”.

About the updates coming from Ferrari: “The team is trying everything. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get a part of it. But it’s not confirmed yet. Maybe it will happen during the weekend. We’ll be surprised”.

How the performance of the car changed from Friday to the weekend: “Apart from the fact that we have a long way to go, I was actually very satisfied. I was right in the rhythm on Friday and Saturday morning, and in qualifying everything went a bit the other way. On Sunday I was confident that it would be a better race, but the trend from Saturday continued on Sunday, so I had a hard time fighting the whole race. Until then it was very, very close. I think I was in front on Friday and he on Saturday morning. In qualifying the gap widened further. Everything wasn’t going well at my opening race. But all the better from a team point of view that it worked for [Charles]”.

Spending time with family in quarantine: I enjoyed it at home, I spent a lot of time with the children, especially with the little one. It was even more intense because of the time I missed with the other two. We always came up with something. Homeschooling was not that serious, because the little ones still go to kindergarten. From kindergarten there was sent a little something, but the two didn’t really care. That’s why we had to come up with something. We really enjoyed it!”

How Ferrari ended things with Seb: “I think that the last five years haven’t brought what I think was the goal from both sides. Still, I think that it would have been an option to continue and work on the goal in any case. And that had been communicated in the same way. I was told that we want to continue. Until I got a phone call out of nowhere, when I was told that there would be no offer, that there would be no future. That surprised me at first”.

About the claims that Ferrari ended it because of the pandemic:The conditions with corona and so on – I don’t want to harp on it now, but I don’t think they’ll be that decisive. There were also some reports that we could not agree on the financial aspects. So that was not an issue at all and would not have been an issue. If you have been in Formula 1 for so long and you’ve been lucky enough to be so successful and on the other hand gain a certain independence, that would certainly not have been an obstacle, which is why it was surprising. But well, the decision as it is, I don’t have a problem with it and I accept it as it is, but I’m still trying to do my job this year and do a better job than yesterday and do the best for the team to bring this to a good end”.

About the future: “Honestly, I haven’t made a decision yet, and I don’t know yet for myself either. What’s important, of course, is to find an environment that fits. I have enjoyed the last five years very much in many respects, but the last five years have also taken a lot of energy. The goal at that time was to rebuild the team. And certainly both sides have tried everything. But at the end of the day we failed on both sides, because the title didn’t come. That was the big goal. Now this is a new situation for me. It will be important for me to find something that is good for me and fun. I think that is a very important thing. As I mentioned earlier, the financial aspect is not at all in the foreground. And of course I am still very ambitious, motorsport is my life. I don’t know any other way, except the last three months it’s been a little different. But I wouldn’t really want to miss it. With the right job and the right place I would still feel very much at home in a Formula 1 car. I think the next few weeks, months, will shed light – also for myself – on what is possible, and what I want to do”.

Calling Helmut Marko: “I called him right after the decision, but not to ask, ‘Helmut, do you have a place?’, but because I get along very well with him and he has been a confidant for years. I asked him for advice. I described the situation to him as it is. He’s known for putting his heart on his sleeve. And then I spoke to him. What will come out in the end remains to be seen. The talks in this regard are of my own making”.

About Mercedes: “I think that the team, as it is currently driving, is very happy and is doing very well. The last few years prove that right. I can understand that they want to stick with it. No decision has been made in this respect yet. In theory, both places are still free. But is clear that Lewis can stay if he wants to. And the same goes, after yesterday, for Valtteri”. 

About a possible sabbatical: “I think you have to – at least that’s how my head works – I think if you make the decision to close the door, you shouldn’t make it in such a way that you have the hope to open it again. Unless it is clear from the outset. I believe that you must then be ready for yourself to be ready to keep the door closed. In other words: if it does not open, for whatever reason, then one should not regret the decision”.

New helmet: “There will be something for the coming Styrian GP weekend. Something different with the helmet!”

Full Interview – German with English Translation:

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