Barcelona Test 2 – Day 1: Sebastian completes 84 laps.


Morning Programme. Sebastian was first to drive, carrying out an installation lap shortly after 9. Then he went back out on a prototype C2 Pirelli tyre, designed specifically with the Dutch Grand Prix in mind. Then it was back to the standard C2 compound as the job of assessing the car continued. In the second part of the morning, he switched to the C3 tyres with which he set his fastest time of 1:18.113. He completed 84 laps, or 391 kilometres.

Press Conference. After the morning session of driving, Sebastian and Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto attended an official press conference. Sebastian faced questions about his future, to which he responded by expressing his love for what he does but also mentioning that the current priority is the car: “I love driving, the cars feel ultra-fast, the fastest cars that have ever been. I think they’re still a bit too heavy at low-speed stuff but the amount of downforce – they’re the fastest cars compared to other series. I’m very excited to be part of that. I don’t know what the predictions are for next year’s cars but, as a driver, it’s always good to go fast. love what I do & I love driving. I got really excited getting in the car last week and got back into a rhythm very quickly and that feels great. The satisfaction you get from driving is still the same, but I’m not just here to get a great feeling. I still love driving and I’m here to win. I joined Ferrari to win the championship and we haven’t done it so so far… But the determination is there. It is not the right time to talk about my future. But the moment will come. The car is currently a priority. I would appreciate it if this was the last question on this topic.”

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