Vettel Interview with I’m going into the new year happily.


Sebastian Vettel, first of all congratulations for the birth of your son.

Sebastian Vettel: Thank you.


To match the seven time fathers Nelson Piquet and Emerson Fittipaldi, you now only have four missing.

SV: (Laughs) But hey! These two cheated. The seven children are each from different mothers.


The many reviews about your driving style and mistakes must have annoyed and annoyed you?

SV: You learn with time to deal with it better. Many people in all parts of life form a judgment too quickly. And other things are forgotten just as quickly.


You are a four-time world champion, are you referring to your fame and success?

SV: In a world in which everything is as fast-paced as it is today, unfortunately both go very quickly.


Somehow I have the feeling that you are too intellectual for Formula 1.

SV: I do not believe that. There are certainly smarter people in the paddock than I am. But why do you have this impression?


You recently gave a great interview to the DPA (newspaper) in Germany. You talk about a time out and values ​​such as decency, respect and honesty. Can you live it all up?

SV: I don’t think there is anyone who can live up to all the values ​​that perhaps stand for something very good. But I think that you have to have a certain framework in your head so that you can hold into certain virtues. I don’t think that you can always succeed, but you can more and more if you try.


You often talk about “digital madness” that can no longer be stopped. In this regard, what can you give your children along on the path of life?

SV: You cannot avoid this topic. The world is what it is – and development is progressing quickly. You have to be able to live with everything that is not so good. But there are also good things. You should not shut yourself off from the new. It is important for my children how to live certain things themselves. You will immediately notice if you don’t live things the way they should be!


So your children use a cell phone in front of you?

SV: They will have one sooner than me! I got my first cell phone when I was 17. With a prepaid card. 25 euros on the cell phone etc. Back then, it was mostly used only for making calls. It’s different today.


Why are you against Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

SV: I just don’t feel the need to share my private life with the public. It’s as simple as that. Even if I know that I’m definitely not average. Today is all about constantly communicating with the outside world.


Will your children have the same opinion on social networks?

SV: No, because the dynamics with cell phones start at school. So everyone has to participate, otherwise you are quickly an outsider. At four and five years old, the problem has not yet arisen – luckily!


They say that the pace is actually not made for this world. If everyone just steps on the gas, at some point it won’t go any further.

SV: I believe that people have a certain pace. Now of course you can argue about what is fast. At first it was the horse that got people from A to B. Then came the mobility and its development. What has really overtaken us now is the computer. It is faster than we are. And it will get faster and faster. The question is simple: can we still control the computer in a few years?


An interesting question that scares many people.

SV: Well, society doesn’t live well with this development. The stress may even be life threatening. Diseases and burst outs multiply. This is also a big topic in Formula 1, are the breaks now too short? And next year there will be 22 races for the first time. Unfortunately, the situation also affects the youth, which has been going on to the lowest school classes for some time, where the children simply have more stress. There will have to be solutions soon.


You really are interested in everything: the world view, politics, climate change. You can join the discussion anywhere. Your answers are almost like longer contributions.

SV: Let’s leave politics out. I don’t have too much hope, everything is a little too slow. Of course you follow world events, but it’s not my thing.


Climate change is the most current issue. Would you like to go to a fine restaurant with Greta Thunberg?

SV: I would have no problem eating out with her. But I don’t know if she wants to sit at a table with me. In her view, I’m not exactly a role model. But I think it’s great that the youth is committed. It is also necessary that someone stands up and gives the direction.


And you?

SV: Each of us can and must do something. Perhaps you should look less at what’s not quite right. You should rather look at what you can do yourself. Otherwise we will be rubbing our eyes in a few years.


You already picked up plastic bottles in the paddock.

SV: Many then ask themselves: “What does he want to show us? He himself flies thousands of kilometers around the world.” But we have to get away from this attitude and get everyone to wonder what contribution they can make themselves.


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2 thoughts on “Vettel Interview with I’m going into the new year happily.

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  1. I have been watching Seb since his first race.
    I couldn’ be more proud of the man he has become even if he was my own son.
    God Bless you and your family Seb.
    Rosemary Fox


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