Abu Dhabi GP · F1 2019

Vettel: We will try our best to have a solid weekend.

190029-abu.jpgFP1: P5, 1:38.906 (+ 1.949), 19 laps | FP2: P4, 1:36.691 (+ 0.435), 27 laps 

Sebastian Vettel: “In the medium low speed corners of this circuit we are still lacking speed, compared to our rivals. Sector three is the one that really hurts us, we are struggling with the tyres getting hot, and the car is difficult to drive. Of course when you drive on the limit, any car will be more difficult to drive, and this what we are here to do. We will try our best to have a solid weekend, we can improve the set up and then see if we can fight well on Sunday. Today I hit the barriers: I was caught out a bit by surprise as I didn’t expect to spin. I knew going in that I would have to catch the rear, but it didn’t quite work, which was a bit unfortunate, but the only damage was to the rim.”


Source: Ferrari Media 

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