F1 2019 · Russian GP

Russia Preview: One of the trickiest tracks we have on the calendar.

RUS-FRI-2018 (9)

Russian Grand Prix Preview 

Sebastian Vettel: “We’ve raced in Russia a few times now. It’s another circuit where we’ve come close to winning but never quite managed it. I’ve started from the front row and in fact two years ago, Ferrari locked out the front row, but we really want the satisfaction of taking that last step and winning. It is something quite special racing past the Olympic Stadium and the Medal Plaza used for the Winter Games, so it’s definitely unique in terms of its setting. A lot of the corners are similar to one another, but they’re all very technical and finding the entry point can be quite tricky, as is getting the braking point right and finding the best way of rotating the car in order to be fast, while also looking after the tyres. From a technical point of view it’s one of the trickiest tracks we have on the calendar but it’s rewarding when you’re able to put together the perfect flying lap, especially in qualifying.”


Source: Ferrari Media 

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