Belgian GP · F1 2019

Spa Preview: A legendary track and definitely one of my favourites.

BEL-FRI-2018 (7)Belgian Grand Prix Preview 

Sebastian Vettel: “Spa-Francorchamps is a legendary track and definitely one of my favourites. It is very special with all its climbs and drops and with much of the track running more or less through the forest. Of course, over time, this circuit has also changed a lot, as indeed have the cars that we drive. I remember the first time I raced here in Formula 1 and compared to back then, some of the corners are easier now, because we have more aero downforce on the cars. The uphill esses at Eau Rouge can now be taken flat out, but it is still unique, while corners like Pouhon and Blanchimont are also spectacular. You have to get a perfect exit out of Eau Rouge to have as much speed as possible on the run down to Les Combes, where you can overtake thanks to the slipstream effect as long as you have the gear ratios just right. From Pouhon onwards, the circuit is just wonderful as you press down on the accelerator all the way to the Bus Stop, which is another realistic point to try and overtake. Once you know it, it’s impossible not to love Spa.”


Source: Ferrari Media 

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