F1 2019 · Hungarian GP

Hungary Preview: Hungaroring is a pretty physical track.

HUN-SUN-2018 (14)

Sebastian Vettel: “Hungaroring is a pretty physical track in a current Formula 1 car, because there aren`t any long straights and it’s a very stop-start circuit, which means you are always working away at the wheel. And given the time of year, it’s usually boiling hot, which definitely doesn’t help. Also if it is dry, the circuit gets very dusty, particularly at the start of the weekend and it’s not a given that it will improve over the weekend, as wind and off track excursions brings back the sand that the cars running clear off the track. That means it will punish you hard if you get offline, or if you make a mistake, because you lose time and other drivers will be waiting to take advantage. The key corners are 1 and 14. Turn 1 you can think about a passing move but it’s a bit risky, as the straight before is too short really. There`s also potential, if you`ve had a god run on the exit of 14, but there are no guarantees”.


Source: Ferrari Media 

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