British GP · F1 2019

Vettel: Our main rivals the ones to beat.

dc485328-ff39-4261-8c03-6c428e7fef2eFP1: P6, 1:28.304 (+ 1.131), 21 laps | FP2: P4, 1:27.180 (+ 0.448), 30 laps

Sebastian Vettel: “It’s good to be driving at this circuit again and the new surface seems a lot smoother than the old one, with a lot higher grip, which makes it good fun. I would say the lap times don’t mean much today, as usual on a Friday, but it’s clear that our main rivals seem very strong and are the ones to beat. It looks quite close between us and Red Bull, but as we were trying some new things on our car, it’s a bit hard to judge. We must wait for tomorrow to get a clearer picture of where we are.”


Source: Ferrari Media 


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