F1 2019 · Interview

Sebastian Vettel – Interview with RTL (Vettel’s Fitness)


In a long interview with RTL reporter Felix Görner, Sebastian Vettel talks about why he is missing Michael Schumacher, especially off track, and he also gives us a few personal & fitness insights.  

Part 1: https://streamable.com/4ljre 

Part 2: https://streamable.com/op7uz


A quick summary of the interview for non German speakers, below: 

Facts about Sebastian Vettel’s fitness & rituals that you might didn’t know

  • He doesn’t like neck training, as he considers it boring
  • He likes running & cycling
  • Does squash and tennis as training for variety
  • His maximum pulse is 190 
  • When he closes his eyes during qualifying is to visualize the tricky corners etc
  • Says he is better in juggling balls than doing maths 

In the interview Seb also mentions that “Nobody can put away stress or unhappiness outside of the car. So its important to be happy and clear with yourself to be good on track as well. Maybe some can manage that better than others but to completely ignore stress or unhappiness in the car is not possible”.


Source: RTL 

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