F1 2018 · Japanese GP

Vettel: I saw a gap and went for it on the inside.

Do4ewPxX4AYNmwQRace: 6th | Championship Standings: 2nd, 264 points 

Sebastian Vettel: ”Today, I found it quite inspirational walking through the garage and watching the guys work! All the team is fired up and that certainly helps, as the last couple of weeks haven’t been that easy. The spirit is unbroken despite everything. Races like this are a bit of a hand-over and we know it is difficult from where we are in the point standings, but we don’t have much to lose. We have given everything so far and I believe there’s still something we can learn and understand from the car. So we keep fighting and resisting and we’ll see what the other races bring. As for the collision with Max, I was obviously pushing to pass, I knew he had a penalty, but I also felt that we were fast. I could see that his battery was clipping, while I had saved some energy from mine. I saw a gap and went for it on the inside, he obviously tried to defend and I couldn’t go anywhere, so we touched. However, this is part of racing.”

* Sebastian set the DHL Fastest Lap: 1m 32.318s (lap 53)


Source: Ferrari Media 

One thought on “Vettel: I saw a gap and went for it on the inside.

  1. That sounds more honest that anything else I heard you say about the incident. These things happen, and it is better (not smarter) to want too much than not enough.. Talk about like two racers who know what is what, and move on. Shit happens..


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