F1 2018 · Italian GP

Vettel: It could have been even worse.

53866111-4073-41c5-a2f4-f420610a68abRace: 4th | Championship Standings: 2nd, 226 points 

Sebastian Vettel: ”At the beginning I tried to overtake Kimi in Turn 1 and 4, but I couldn’t. He opened the brakes, which he had the right to do, so I moved aside and opened a gap to Lewis. Then I had room left and no chance anymore. So, when I touched Lewis, I span around and that was unfortunate, as my car got quite some damages. It could have gone differently, but obviously it wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, our race was compromised and it was a shame, but then I tried to do my best and had a decent recovery from the back. All in all, it could have been even worse. It’s disappointing of course, because we had the pace and we definitely could have won. There are many points to win back now in the championship, but we still have time to improve and we have the margin to recover. I am sorry for our tifosi because they just deserved a different result today.”


Source: Ferrari Media 

One thought on “Vettel: It could have been even worse.

  1. That was unfortunate but you know as well as anyone else that Mercedes will fight for every inch they can get on the track. You have to be patient, make the right moves even if it means falling behind to get ahead on the next straight. You can win this year, but you have to stop worrying about Lewis and focus on your driving. You can win the title this year…so get in there!!


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