F1 2018 · Italian GP

FIA Post Qualifying Press Conference – Italy (SV Quotes Only)


Q: Well all the best for that. Sebastian, second best today, but I don’t think the race is lost and these guys will be supporting you tomorrow?

Sebastian VETTEL: Yeah, it’s unbelievable to see the amount of support around the track, so grazie a tutti. It’s a good result for the team. Not entirely happy with my last run, but yeah, I think Kimi was just a little bit too fast in the end.

Q: We heard you on the radio saying ‘we’ll discuss it after’. Do you think that slipstream got off you made the difference?

SV: It is always like this in Monza and I think for him it was in a sweet spot. I think my last run was OK. My lap wasn’t very good, so yeah, I think we can have a look but for now it’s good to have both cars on the front row.


Q: Sebastian, coming to you, it was so close at the top and in the end you just missed out. Was it at the second chicane? Can you just talk us through what happened at the end there?
Yeah, my last lap I wasn’t happy with it and I think it was the only chance I had to get a shot at pole. So, well done to Kimi. I think he had a very, very good lap, and did a great job, so it’s great to have the cars in one and two.

Q: And Sebastian, can we just get your thoughts on the emotions. This is Ferrari’s 60thfront row lock-out, and to do it here at Monza, were you feeling the passion of the tifosi as well?

SV: Every time you go out you see them go crazy, whether it’s practice or now in qualifying. That’s very nice to see. Obviously, I’m not entirely happy with the end of my qualifying but probably that’s the emotion that is dominating now – but I think it’s great. It’s unbelievable before qualifying to see the flags. Around the main straight, the banners they put up and the huge Ferrari logo. I think, yeah, it says ‘passion’ on the banner and I think that’s exactly what the people have. A lot of joy, the whole weekend, screaming us forward. And they’re pushing us. So, it’s great to get the job done and get the cars on the front row.


Q: (Christian Menath – Motorsport-magazin.com) Question for Seb. Can you talk us through that last lap? What exactly was not perfect? Was it the timing, that you didn’t get the perfect tow or was there a bit of a mistake at some point? What was it?

SV: No. To be honest it was not a tidy lap. I think the other laps were actually better, so… yeah… I lost a bit in the first chicane, the second chicane, the Lesmos, pretty much a bit everywhere. I think the last sector was OK but also not fantastic. It was just not a good lap and not good enough. Obviously lucky to get second instead of third but… yeah. Just not good enough.

Q: (Rebecca Clancy – The Times) To Sebastian. It sounded like your initial radio message after you crossed the line on your final lap, as it you thought you had got pole position – and then you were told it was P2, and said “Oh, we’ll speak after,” is there anything in particular you’re going to speak about. And, secondly, will there be any conversations about team orders before tomorrow’s race?

SV: No, I don’t think anything related to that. Clearly I wasn’t happy – but I don’t tell you why.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) To the Ferrari drivers: Sebastian, why weren’t you in a position to get a tow from Kimi, rather than the other way around? What did you mean by ‘we’ll talk about it later’? And is Kimi going to be allowed to win tomorrow?

SV: Well, first question, because we have an order that changes every weekend and this weekend it was Kimi to go second. Simple. Second question? I don’t tell you. That’s the same question as I had before. Sorry. And the third one was ‘is Kimi allowed to win’? Well, if he’s starting from pole, I guess he’s allowed to win. It’s a long race. Obviously he wants to win, I want to win. Hopefully one of us will win.

Q: (Frederic Ferret – L’Equipe) To the Ferrari drivers, having to fight your teammate at the first corner, does it change your mindset compared to the Mercedes?

SV: Yeah, I guess, a little bit. Obviously you are still always trying to get out ahead, no matter who you’re racing but for sure you try to avoid contact but then again, as I said, you try to avoid that anyway. It’s not like there’s another car and you say yeah, I’m happy to make contact. With our cars you can’t really afford to touch or be touched.


Source: FIA 

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