F1 2018 · German GP

Vettel: It’s nice to be back here.

GER-2018-THU (12)Sebastian Vettel | German Grand Prix Preview 

“Hockenheim is about half an hour’s drive from where I was born. So it’s not exactly like racing in my backyard- I don’t have a backyard that big – but it’s probably the closest you can get! Obviously, we are keen to do well here. The last race in Silverstone was important for us, because we had not been very strong on that track before; but it’s a thing of the past now and we must focus on this one. This is not the easiest track to get everything right, there are many types of corner and long straights, and I think with this generation of cars we’ll be very fast here. Turn 6 looks like a good place to overtake, with the new DRS areas, and since there is another straight after the corner and another braking point at  the end of it, it could become a place for exciting moves. It’s nice to see so many red shirts here, the passion for Ferrari was born in Italy but it spread all over the world and it got to Germany for sure. We should be in fairly good shape here, but let’s see what happens”.


Source: Ferrari Media 

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