Austrian GP · F1 2018

FIA Post Qualifying Press Conference – Austria (SV Quotes Only)

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(Conducted by Mark Webber)

Q: Sebastian it was a tough first lap for you. You’re on the second row. How did it go for you?

Sebastian VETTEL: Yeah, as you said, it’s not easy to put it together. I had a mistake on the first lap. I know I need to put a banker in to make safe that I qualify in a proper position, so I think there was a little bit left but arguably not enough to really pip Valtteri for pole, so well done to him, I think he put two very good laps in. And yeah, I think we have a good chance from P3 tomorrow.


Q: Seb, we saw yesterday two one-two results for Mercedes in those practice sessions but then you were quickest in FP3 and in Q2, so do you think the margin to the front two in qualifying today is representative of Ferrari’s pace?

SV: I think so. Well, I think there was a little bit more in me, I mean I had a tough start in Q3 with an error, then it’s not that easy to recover because I knew I need to put a good lap in, otherwise I’ll start quite far back. Yeah, I don’t think it was enough pace in hand to be a threat today. I think we need to make sure we improve from where we are. It seems that in quali at least we are a little bit behind right now. I think the tracks we went to the last two weeks are quite different, so we need to make sure we keep pushing. For tomorrow though, I believe the car is stronger in relative pace for the race, so it should be a close fight. We’re starting again on different tyre compounds, so let’s see what we can do.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – Autosport) Sebastian, during qualifying there was a small incident with Carlos Sainz Jr’s Renault. Could you just talk us through that from your point of view please.

SV: yeah, I mean I passed him on my fast lap in Turn seven/eight and then I was looking down and in the main straight I didn’t see him. I was turning into Turn One, trying again because I was thinking that he must be there somewhere. I don’t know if he was pitting or starting his lap – but as it turned out, obviously, he was trying to go for a fast lap, I couldn’t see him. I wasn’t told on the radio, so I can only apologise to him. Obviously, there was no intention. I was looking down the straight and then I turned around, Turn One, I was done with my lap and just wanted to make sure – and then when I was looking, there was again nothing to see after Turn One, which obviously, which was clear because in the replay I saw then that he was side-by-side. So, that’s it.

Q: (Christian Menath – Question for Seb. You mentioned that you have to catch up now because you have had two different tracks where you’ve been behind in qualifying. Do you have an idea where you lose the time? Is it cornering, long corners, braking, wherever?

SV: I think here’s very close anyway, so it’s not, y’know, that many corners. I think from what you’ve seen, we’re losing a little bit in sector one, and then mostly though in sector three, in which I think Mercedes is very competitive, very quick in the second turn – which I always mix up. Lauda? Berger? Berger? Lauda? I don’t know – Turn Seven. And then up the straight, so they appear to be able to carry more speed through there and then up the hill. I think that’s one of our main losses. I think the last two corners are not too bad but I think it’s the very high-speed Seven and Turn Nine, so the first one, the second last corner. It’s close. We’re not talking about much but obviously enough to get ahead.

Q: (Livio Oricchio – Sebastian, do you believe that Mercedes have made a great step forward with the new spec of the car, and on a more regular circuit like Silverstone for example, will we see this step forward by Mercedes even better? And will it mean that Ferrari must increase the development of their car from now?

SV: Well, obviously they have the exact numbers of what they expected and what was delivered. They obviously had some new parts here again, I think, so for us it was largely the same as last weekend but for sure, we are having our own schedule in terms of new bits and I think we are pushing as hard as we can but as I said, we also need to make sure that what we bring to the car is making it faster so it’s a constant challenge. For now, I think, the last two qualifying sessions Mercedes seemed to have the edge a little bit. It can turn around, the next two, who knows, so I think we need to look at ourselves? There’s always something you can learn from other people and what they put on the car, but that’s not just for Mercedes, that’s for all the teams. As I said, for tomorrow I’m less… not worried anyways, but less of the opinion that we are behind. I think we are more of a match in race pace, so let’s see what the day brings tomorrow.


Source: FIA 

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