F1 2018 · Pre - Season

Vettel completes first test in Barcelona

BCNT1D4 (2)

Despite the bad weather conditions in Barcelona, Sebastian Vettel has completed the first test in Barcelona having covered a lot of laps and kms. He has in total completed 218 laps on his both testing days, with best time a 1:19.673 on soft tyres. (2nd overall).

Sebastian Vettel’s review for the first pre-season test: 

“Overall it’s been a difficult week with the cool temperatures but I think that affected everybody so. Limited answers, still a lot of questions that we’ll carry for next week.

“It’s always difficult to judge in these conditions. But I think we understand what’s happening with the car. It’s a new car so everyone is excited. It’s just a bit of a shame you can’t run as much as you want but it is the same up and down the pit lane, so I think everybody is keen to do some running. 

“So far, things are looking okay but there’s been very limited running for everyone so it is very difficult to judge not only for yourself but also compared to the others. We just wanna make sure the car is running.

“It’s a long year, now it’s March, and we keep going until the end of November. It’s a long time from here till the end of the season.”

Sebastian’s response when asked if it is too long since the last time he won the world championship: “Yeah… I don’t know! It’s always too long if it’s more than a year. So we wanna make sure we bring it back, that’s our ambition and target – to bring the championship back to Maranello.”

When asked what he wants for next week, Sebastian said: “To get rid of the jackets!” (laughs) 

Barcelona Test 1 Picture Gallery

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