Launch of the Ferrari SF71H

The launch of the 2018 Ferrari F1 car, the SF71H, took place this afternoon in Maranello and it was presented through an online presentation. Media and fans attended the event.

SF71H (5)

Vettel was very excited about the new car, from which he couldn’t take his eyes off.

Some words from Seb:

“We had a very smooth and easy seat fit, so there were no problems. I felt comfortable straightaway. Minor things obviously change every year. The chassis is mostly transparent to last year in terms of regulations. But still the seating position is always a little different. It matters to feel comfortable, which I did.

“Now is obviously the time you see the car and it’s all ready. So you want to get in and go out on the track and have a go!

“It’s very nice [to have everyone here]. It’s a lot of hours, a lot of work that goes in. Not just during the off-season and winter, but even very early last season starting the new project.

“I think what they are waiting for now is for us to say how it feels! We can’t wait to get out on track to see how the car performs, how it behaves. I think this car is a big step forward from last year, so let’s see how it feels. That’s the answer that we all want to get and we go from there. But for sure, the amount of effort that’s gone in – the attention to detail in so many areas that I asked and they explained to me, it’s impressive. The real magic happens underneath from what you can see. But every little detail matters, every little part can make a difference. This car is a big step from last year, so let’s see how it feels!”


SF71H Gallery

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