Austrian GP · F1 2017

Austrian Grand Prix Post Qualifying Press Conference Transcript


TRACKSIDE INTERVIEWS (Conducted by Davide Valsecchi)

Q: Very well done. It was spectacular. First row, Sebastian, very well. Good improvement – all for you my friend. How was your lap?

Sebastian VETTEL: Not quick enough, but I was very happy. The car was really good, last qualifying also for the last run, but then it was a bit of anti-climax with the yellow flags but yeah, very happy. It’s a great track, shame it’s a bit short but really enjoyable with a lot of high speed corners and the car’s been really phenomenal so looking forward to tomorrow. Should be a good race.

Q: Guys, sorry Lewis, come here. Seb, I would like to understand; now you have a good chance. You are on the first row, maybe Lewis is a bit behind because of the penalty. Can be good for tomorrow for you, no?

SV: We will see. It’s a long race so a lot of things that can to happen. I think we have to look after ourselves, do our own race. It will be a tough race with Valtteri. He’s been quick all weekend, also yesterday, setting a good pace, so we will see. I think it should be a good race.


Q: Well done. Sebastian, so close between you and Valtteri in the end. Can you pinpoint where you lost out? How good was the session for you?

SV: I think it was pretty good. I think Q3 was pretty good, I was very happy with the lap. But in all fairness, what goes around, comes around. I think I have been on the lucky side a couple of times, especially against Valtteri, with tight gaps. I think the four hundredths today is tight. The story continues between us two. Well done, obviously, to him. He said that he still had a bit of margin. I was pretty happy with my lap to be honest. Maybe there was a sniff in the last corner. It’s a short track, not easy to get everything right, so overall I was pretty happy. The car was good. I think we did a good step from yesterday to today, so hopefully we can carry that into the race.


Q: (István János Simon – Automagazin) My question is mainly to Sebastian and Lewis. The weather forecast says there’s a high percentage of rain for tomorrow for the race. Do you count on that? Can you calculate with that and do you think you will be able to do a strong race if it rains when we’ve had all the practice sessions in dry?

SV: I think it’s fair also to ask the question to Valtteri as well, he’ll be racing tomorrow as well so if it rains we’re all affected. But, I don’t know, I think we have a different weather forecast then. I need to check with our guys – but, yeah, we’ll see. We have the wet tyres, they are ready. It’s always tricky if you haven’t done a single session in the wet but I think we had some experience last year so if it rains, it rains, we fit wets or inters and we try to race. We’ll see.

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