Vettel talks about Hamilton, Italy, his body and more



I think he has a very different life from mine. We have two different lifestyles: probably he thinks most of things I do are very boring, as I consider that many things that he does are boring. I don’t have any issues with him. But it’s very interesting because you can always learn from someone who is different than you. I think it helps you find out who you are, because you understand what you would like to do and what you wouldn’t, what you would like to share and what you wouldn’t. I think we live in a great time where you can express what you want and what you need to express, you have the chance to live the life you desire. Not just talking about us, drivers, it’s an opportunity most of the people have: not everybody in the world, in many countries people are not as free as we are, they don’t have the same opportunities we have. But it teaches us to evolve.


You mean that time in China when I raised his visor? I like to see people’s eyes when I talk to them. But he lowered it immediately after.



I’m happy it works [laughs]. I’m glad and grateful I don’t have to think about my body when I wake up in the morning. By being involved in sports, you always have some small pains or small injuries because of the workout, but overall everything works. My relationship with my body starts and finishes there. I don’t spend much time thinking about my body.

I think there is always something you don’t like, but you can’t change it. Well, at the times we live, you can thanks to plastic surgery, but I don’t take into consideration a surgery. I think, yeah, I’m happy. My body is what it is, for sure there are better-looking men than me, but it’s not something I pay attention to. I think in this regard, everybody is a bit vain, so of course when you go somewhere, I just check everything is fine. Then everybody has his own taste in clothing and in what to put on their body. But it’s something I pay less attention than other people. But it’s fine, we are all different.


Well, I need more practice, let’s put this way! We need more wins so I can practice.

Italia, Italia s’è desta [Seb tries to sing Italian anthem]… But, as I said, I need more practice!



The beard is very far ahead of his times, because probably today we would consider him as a hipster. Back at time, I’m not sure.


I like Italians. I think that it’s the people that make the country and their culture, and they keep them alive. Obviously there are a lot of things I love. Speaking about cars, obviously Ferrari.

Since I was a little kid, Michael has always been a great source of inspiration for me. One day he went to Ferrari and the rest is history. It was something massive for me and when I met him he was dressed in red. For sure there are a lot of memories from my childhood which raise my passion for Ferrari. But yeah, all of the country has always been interesting. I did a lot of go karting in Italy, and the level of the competition in Italy is very high, so I spent some time in Italy. People in general were always friendly with me, and they still are. Food is great, Italian lifestyle is great, a lot of positive aspects. I like Italians’ approach to life. It’s a very good way to spend your life.

Ferrari. And then.. As I said a lot of memories from childhood. Pizza [laughs]. Also the obvious ones as well, of course.


*The interview was broadcasted on Sky Italy, during the Russian GP weekend. 

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