Vettel completes Bahrain Test

BHR_TEST (25)Vettel’s final testing day at Sakhir ended with 64 laps completed. Best time (P2) was 1:31.574, 0.294 off Botta’s (P1) best.

Yesterday, Vettel had been testing for Pirelli, while today it was a normal programme of development for the season.

In the morning, a change of settings on the car had revealed some problems with leaks in internal components. That forced Ferrari to remove the car’s rear end to fix the problems, before remounting the engine and therefore Vettel missed much of the track action. issue gave him a limited running of only 9 laps in the morning. The rest of the laps were done in the afternoon, as well as the best lap.

Here’s what Seb had to say at the end of the day: “It would be nice to have done even more. But today we had a few little problems in the morning, which is normal for testing and then, in the afternoon, we lost some time when there was an electrical black-out in our garage. In any case, driving this car is always a pleasure. The times don’t mean much, given we don’t know what programmes the others are running.”

Bahrain Test Wednesday Timesheet BHRTESTTIMESDAY2

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