Vettel: I want to live my dreams… To be a World Champion again.


In an interview for the Italian newspaper ‘La Stampa’, Sebastian Vettel gives his views on dreaming.

“Talking about the future, itself can mean many things for me as for everybody else, at least potentially. I think every human being has the right to dream and to define their own future, as they see it fits. For my part, I want to live my dreams. One of these, without any doubt, is to be a world champion again.

“Sometimes it seems that everyone chases a “when” in life: ‘When I reach this goal, then I can do something else… Then, only when I reach another goal I will be ready to set another one’, and so on in an endless process. But having the life I have had so far, I think that the key is to be able to enjoy every single moment in the best way you can.

“So if I had to give a serious answer about the future, I would say that I can’t give one. Of course, like everyone else, I have dreams and even plans. But I think everyone should leave to themselves the freedom of changing them day by day.

“Is postponing our dreams and our expectations stressful? I don’t think so.”



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