ROC Miami: Sebastian Vettel wins Nations Cup for Team Germany

Team Germany are celebrating a record seventh win in the ROC Nations Cup after Sebastian Vettel took a stunning victory all by himself at Miami’s Marlins Park. The previous six titles for Team Germany were all courtesy of Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher. Following his Nations Cup victory for Team Germany in Miami, Sebastian Vettel keeps his record of always winning a big trophy when taking part in the competition.

Vettel represented Team Germany by himself due to Pascal Wehrlein’s withdrawal following his accident on Saturday. This was a similar situation to the ROC Nations Cup in Paris in 2006 when Travis Pastrana had to represent Team USA on his own.

Vettel won the battle of the Formula 1 world champions in the first race in Group B, seeing off Team GB’s Jenson Button. David Coulthard later took one win but it wasn’t enough to save the British duo from elimination. Vettel kept up the wins to see of the challenge of Team Nordic’s Petter Solberg and Tom Kristensen – despite the Dane’s strong run to the individual Race Of Champions Grand Final.

Vettel reached the final by defeating Team Colombia’s pairing of Gabby Chaves and the individual Champion of Champions, Juan Pablo Montoya, in two straight heats.

In the end Vettel went through the entire day’s action unbeaten, but he had to see off the might of Team USA NASCAR’s team of Kyle and Kurt Busch in the final. The two American brothers had a fantastic evening’s work too, winning a series of tight battles on the unique track twisting around Marlins Park but they couldn’t match Vettel.

nations-cup-4Here’s what Vettel had to say after his victory for Team Germany:

“The Race Of Champions is a great competition, but yesterday I went out very early. So I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave the States empty-handed. I started on the wrong foot but it helped me to take it a bit more seriously. Today I just wanted to get some more time on the track. I found the rhythm straightaway and it felt pretty good. Unlike yesterday, I got along with all the cars today. But that’s the way it goes: sometimes you wake up and it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It obviously worked out well but of course it would have been nicer to share this victory with Pascal.”

More videos from the Nations Cup in Miami:

Check out our gallery for pictures from the ROC Miami Nations Cup. 


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