ROC Miami: Sebastian Vettel is happy to be back

Sebastian Vettel and many of the world’s greatest drivers have arrived in Miami ahead of this weekend’s Race Of Champions – and on Friday they put in their first practice laps of the unique ROC circuit winding its way around the inside of Marlins Park.


As they tried out the all-new track for the first time, the drivers faced the media at Miami’s Marlins Park. Here’s what Sebastian Vettel had to say:

“I’ve been trying to win the Race Of Champions for many years so I was very happy to finally get to the final in London last year and take the trophy home with me. Now it’s great to be back. It’s great to hang out with the other drivers, away from what is normally a competitive environment. Of course when you’re on track and the lights are about to go out you want to win, but off the track it’s very easy going. The format of the racing is very different too, but good fun. The fact you drive with different cars means you have to adapt quickly. You don’t have much time to think so you just do what you feel is right. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But as racing drivers it’s important to have the right excuse: it was cold last year so if it doesn’t work out this time it must be because it is too hot…”

Videos from Friday’s practice at Marlins park:

Check out our gallery for more pictures of Friday’s practice at Marlins Park.




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